Southern Charm Silver/Clear Crystal Necklace


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Steel Magnolia Jewelry Silver Southern Charm Necklace

Size 1.25 in round with 38 special medallion and clear crystal on a 18 inch coil chain.


With a history of more than 15 years in the fashion world, Donna Brollier continues as the owner of a successful retail business — Donna’s Fashions in Tulsa, OK. “Sophistication & style” are distinctly reflected in her business, as well as her designs of STEEL MAGNOLIA jewelry (insert logo). Donna’s background includes a B.S. in Family Relations from Oklahoma State University and Masters in Counseling from ORU. She prioritizes her days by balancing faith, family and busy work schedule.

Donna’s commitment and personal philosophy toward her FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS and CHARM OF THE SOUTH have never wavered. Her inspiration and strength come from these things closest to her heart and have led to the creation of her own unique STEEL MAGNOLIA designs.

“My desire is that STEEL MAGNOLIA jewelry will be a constant reminder of the core STRENGTH that lies within each of us, even though we may not initially realize it.”



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