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Celebrating My Mother’s Miracle Journey Back to Health

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I can’t help but reflect with a grateful heart, my mother’s miracle journey back to health!  My hope is that this reflection will bring you some inspiration.

Almost eight years ago,  my mother was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor known as a “meningioma.” I will never forget that day the doctor called and said, “Get your mom to the nearest emergency room as soon as possible! She has a massive tumor that must be removed immediately!” I remember hitting my knees in prayer to our Lord at that very moment.

That afternoon, prayer wheels from family and friends were set in motion. Family members began transporting my mom and I began immediately working on a referral from my close friend Karen Brownlee, who’s husband is a doctor in Tulsa. We were strongly recommended to Dr. David Fell, her amazing neurosurgeon. It was no accident that he was on call that same evening my mom was rushed to the ER!  After more that six hours in surgery and four pints of blood, Dr. Fell had good news – the tumor was removed and most assuredly benign.

Today, mom has made a full recovery and continues to live each day to the fullest. She’s an inspiration to our family and all those around her.  This Mother’s Day, we are thankful to celebrate Jane Huffman – the strong, courageous, beautiful woman that my brother and I are blessed to call “Mom” and my children are blessed to call “Mama Jane.” Our family is thankful to our Lord for his healing touch!

My newest design for Steel Magnolia Jewelry is the Key of Hope and Inspiration and it’s dedicated to our Mom. This new release can be found in Donna’s and online. It’s a sweet gift idea for Mom’s. God sure knew what he was doing when he created moms!

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May this Mother’s Day find you blessed,


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