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Shop local for Moms, Dads & Grads 2018


Your choosing to shop local means the world to us at Donna’s! Seriously, with the celebrations coming for Moms, Dads & Grads, your choosing to shop local supports our amazing community! We’re all in this thing called life together and your loyalty to small business is so appreciated! All About Mom With the countdown to Mother’s Day less than 10 shopping days away, we want to celebrate and honor all … Read More →

Let Donna’s be your Amazon this Christmas!


That’s right!  This Christmas season is all about keeping it LOCAL!  Donna’s will offer 2 new options: 1.  Santa delivers and so do we!  Donna’s stylists will deliver your packages to your home or business in the Tulsa metro area! 2.  Curbside pick-up. Just call us and your gift can be wrapped and ready!  Front door parking, complimentary gift wrap and our amazing stylists are always on hand! Our “Wish Lists” … Read More →

Closet Chaos!


Most people think of their closet as just another place to cram things into…but it doesn’t have to be chaos!  My closet is my secret hiding place… It’s the one place I can retreat, take a private call, have my quiet time, or drop my clothes at the end of a busy day and no one will judge me.  No matter how much space you have to work with, it’s … Read More →

My Ten Favorite Things for Summer!


My family is my favorite thing all year long. We enjoyed our time together this summer on vacation. Here are the strong, beautiful women in my family wearing one of my favorite things…you’ll read all about it below!     1. You’ve gotta love this! No sun required! From a sun kissed glow to a deep golden bronze, TanTowels give you a safe, healthy looking sunless tan. Just one sweep of this self … Read More →